In a nutshell: The Last of Us is a gut-wrenching tale played from a third-person perspective that got cranked to 11 in last year’s remake, The Last of Us Part I. As one modder has showcased, however, there’s still plenty of room to further ramp up the intensity.

YouTuber Voyagers Revenge recently uploaded a nearly nine-minute-long clip highlighting a first-person mod for The Last of Us Part 1. Settings include a custom difficulty (everything on grounded+ except resources) as well as plenty of ammo and crafting materials – and of course, upgraded weapons. Mix in the unique first-person perspective and you get a whole new level of brutality.

In fact, the YouTuber said he has been having problems with the platform blocking and demonetizing the clip. Those who want to see the full, unedited footage are encouraged to visit his Patreon but you’ll have to pay to unlock it.

The Last of Us Part 1 arrived on PlayStation 5 last September before finding its way to PC this past March. Unfortunately for developer Naughty Dog, the PC port was a mess out of the gate. Within the first day, the game had more than 7,100 reviews on Steam and only a third of them were positive.

Performance and stability issues were among the top complaints, and it seemed to come down to hardware utilization. It would take roughly a month for Naughty Dog to iron out most of the kinks and deliver them via a massive patch.

The mod’s creator made no mention of a potential release date but as you can see, everything looks pretty polished already. Footage was captured on the PC version of the game running on an AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, an Nvidia RTX 3090, 128GB of RAM, and an NVMe PCIe M.2 solid-state drive. An El Gato capture card was used to record the action.